Production Facilities

We merge our in-house design with our VMC Machines to produce patterns within a short span of time. our products are designed with the help of AutoCAD, and ProEngineer software and optimized through a series of simulations. One 4 axis VMC machine is being used to produce fresh designs with greater speed and perfection. Our company has a melting capacity of 42,000 tons per year of cast iron using 5 cupolas and also has 2 induction furnaces with a capacity of 9000 tons for ductile iron. We produce GGG50 grade of ductile iron.

We are equipped with two mechanized sand plants with separate sand for machine moulding and hand moulding. We have three pairs of simultaneous jolts squeez moulding machines that are capable of producing higher quality castings. Other Machine shop includes lathes, plano millers shapers and drilling machines. Our practice involves usage of black bitumen, environment friendly water based paint, epoxy and primer for painting. We also have extensive container loading facilities.

Manufacturing Process

At Calcutta Export Company, all products are manufactured according to worldwide standards. Here products are tested as per required respective standard and we ensure that we deliver quality. We have fully developed in-house facilities for sand, raw materials testing, chemical analysis, load testing and other quality control measures. Beginning from the incoming material and production to the quality testing and dispatching of products, every stage of our product manufacturing process is monitored by our team of production managers. Spectrometer is being used in our system to determine results with more accuracy.

Manufacturing Facilities

At Calcutta Export Company, the Products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant international market standards.

Sand Plant

  • Two PLC controlled Automatic sand plant with capacity of 25 MT per Hour sand Supply each.
  • Online sand testing available in the above machine.

Core Making

  • CO2 Process
  • Shell Core
  • Cold Box Core Shooter 10 Kg Capacity

Moulding System

  • Machine Moulding – simultaneous jolt squeeze
  • One Pair ARPA 450 Eq. (Box Size 750 x 600 x 150/200)
  • Two Pair ARPA 900 Eq. (Box 1000 x 1000 x 200/250)
  • Hand Moulding available for Non Standard Product

Melting System

  • Two Nos one Ton Medium Frequency induction furnace with 3 Nos. 1000 Kg Crucible. With 750 Kw powerpack.

Metal Pouring

  • Mechanical pouring through hoist.
  • Hand pouring facility also available

Shot Blasting

    • 500 kg batch capacity shot blasting machine for surface cleaning of the casting, fitted with dust collector

Manufacturing Units

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VMC Pattern Shop

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Moulding Line