What We Do

CEC manufactures a range of high performance ductile iron and steel access covers and frames. We realise the value of providing a material that is capable of combating the extremities that come from rough weather conditions and the increasing amount of vehicular traffic on roads today.

We started the company 30 years with little knowledge and no experience yet with enough determination to move mountains.

We manufacture our products of two main varieties: Cast Iron and Ductile Iron.

What is Ductile Iron?
Ductile iron is cast iron alloy in which the graphite is in the form of spherical nodules rather than flakes as in grey cast iron. The formation of nodules is achieved by addition of nodulizing elements, most commonly magnesium, into the melt and allows the carbon to separate as spheroidal particles as the material solidities.

What is Cast Iron ?
Grey cast iron is an alloy mainly consisting of iron, carbon and silicon. It is produced by re-melting pig iron, scrap iron or scrap steel at a melting temperature usually ranging from 1150 to 1200*C Depending on the application, carbon and silicon content is Iron 2 to 3.5% and 1 to 3% respectively. Other alloying elements are then added to the melt before poured into moulds to produce castings.

Difference between Ductile & Grey Iron
The addition of magnesium at the molten stage transforms the flakes of graphite, which are common with the grey iron casting process, into spheroidal or nodular form. The spherodial structure provides a higher tensile strength as well as a higher ‘strength to weight’ ratio when compared with the properties inherent with grey iron manufacture.